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The ultimate cart to boost conversions

Flash Cart is a fully integrated cart cross-sell system that increases AOV with hand-picked complementary product offers.

✅ Fly-out cart drawer that replaces your theme cart
✅ Powerful recommendation tools that guide your customers to the right products at the right time
✅ Personalized recommendations to power your product discovery
✅ Customizable system of add-to-cart notifications with a variety of layouts

Highly-configurable cart drawer

With a sophisticated quick cart design system, Flash Cart uses flexible drag-and-drop blocks that allow you to customize the look and feel of your cart to meet the unique needs of your business.

✅ Free shipping countdown
✅ Payment icons block
✅ Text list with icons
✅ Badges for promoted items
✅ Expandable side-bar

Straightforward setup

Easy to install and integrates seamlessly with popular Shopify themes and apps. Use your Theme Editor to configure Flash Cart’s settings so you can build your layout in real-time. 

✅ Supports multi-currency + multi-language
✅ Integrates with popular subscription apps
✅ Adapts to your theme's color settings
✅ Get setup in minutes with three powerful recommendation types
✅ Track success over time with robust, Plus-level analytics

Start upselling free, pick a plan later.

Flash Cart is free for your first $250 of upselling



$250 of free upselling

Hand-picked upsells

AI upsells

Impulse items

Free shipping bars per country

Advanced analytics

Mobile-first design


$19 / month

All features

Live chat support


$99 / month

All features

Early access to new features

Video support

Backed by an outstanding Canadian support team.

The cliches are true: we're friendly and apologize for no reason. Our outstanding Canadian support team is standing by Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm (PST), to help you get the most out of Flash Incentives.