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Incentives is designed to increase your average order size through in-cart upsells, cross sells and personalized product recommendations.

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Dynamic impulse buying

77% of shoppers say they've made a spontaneous impulse purchase in the past three months.

Add impulse items to your online store and we’ll dynamically suggest the right product to unlock free shipping for your customer.

Personalized upselling

You know your product lines best — easily hand-pick upsells and cross sells across all collections at the same time.

Not sure which product to recommend? Let our automatic recommendations fill-in the gaps and adjust to maximize sales over time.

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On average, our customers are making 12x–179x their ROI upselling with Incentivize.

That means our average customer is making an additional $228–$3,401 every month — and you could be too.

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Incentives is free for your first $250 of upselling



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